Maintenance and development of ERP system BORA Business Suite

As part of the commitment to update and maintain, you receive updates and modifications of the integrated management system BORA Business Suite.

The new versions with updated and enriched functionalities are dictated by BORA Solutions’ project software development or legislation requirements.

Securing compensation for a change of normative - legal character is within the period specified by law. Users receive free advice on using the latest versions.

In more extensive and significant software additions organize free seminars-trainings. Thus guarantee our customers help in the absorption of innovations and practicing the cases occurred.

To be closer to the customer, we offer on-line support, remote access via Internet / VPN /, at the common user session and consultations by phone. So minimize response time and increase efficiency of our work together. The user has the possibility to rely on the help and support in solving any business case, facing.

If necessary, and the occurrence of specific business needs with clients, we implement specific software enhancements backing a particular business practice and logic. User support at each stage - definition - reengineering / if necessary / - development, testing, implementation, maintenance.

Our goal is to be close and beneficial to the client.