Implementation of ERP system with guaranteed result

In order to seize the opportunities of the integrated system for the complex management of all business processes, implement a project comprising the stages:

  • Business processes research. It is essential to collect and analyze information on the organization and linking processes. Based on the identified needs and complying with the rich capabilities of the ERP system, the consultants provide suggestions for optimum results.
  • Building information model according to your needs. The new approach to company management and re-engineering of business processes, reflected in a higher degree of efficiency, minimize costs, speed up the process and use the most of the advantages of modern technologies.
  • Data migration in the ERP system BORA Business Suite. Each company has a data accumulated over time, but on different carriers, locations, etc. BORA Solutions has an established methodology and tools for transfer and centralized and structured using  at the single base BORA Business Suite.
  • Setting the parameters. After the initial initialization proceed to setup the system to work in accordance with corporate policy. The settings are made with the help of experienced business consultants.
  • Users education. Utilization of the new tool for business management, but also new principles laid down in the process of re-engineering are the key. At this point, users acquire knowledge, skills, advice from consultants, to gain maximum benefit from working with the ERP system.
  • Consultations for optimal use. The process is not limited by time. Thus the Company, and each user has the opportunity to get advice, assistance, support in execution of daily tasks or higher strategic management level.


Our consultants invest knowledge, experience and expertise in the design and construction of individual IT solution for your company, providing for your business needs and ensures optimum results. To ensure the highest standard in service to our customers we have partner status with Microsoft Corp. and documented quality management system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001: 2008.