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Cloud - A new generation of IT service with great opportunities available through the Internet.

Software as a Service is a model of software delivery where the software and associated data are hosted centrally (typically in the (Internet) cloud) and are available to users via the Internet.

On the basis of a Service contract, the consumer pays a monthly rent for the use of hardware, server software and ERP system.

The main advantage - IT services available for use immediately.

BORA Solutions provides ERP system for integrated business management -BORA Business Suite as a Service. The package includes:

  • BORA Business Suite - A specialized software package for the integrated business management 
  • Hosting - BORA Business Suite is installed and accessed at BORA Solutions’ servers. Sizes and provides rental and necessary software from Microsoft / OS, database, office suite /
  • Support the overall IT solution - provided by highly qualified experts - IT and business consultants

Every company has individual business practice, service specific activities. Opened work places are  consistent as a theme and number  in accordance with effective customer service and business activities.

This requires an individual approach to clients, ensuring ERP system to fit. Use only systems that are necessary for the maintenance of the activity and number according as it is consumed. Each month, this range can be changed in the event of a change in demand.

BORA Solutions offers a free consultation to determine the scope and parameters of your optimal SaaS solution.

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Software as a Service is a software developed and provided by the service company available to the end user via the Internet.

The software is owned by the company provider / or has the right to rent it /. Install it on your own server hardware and the user gets access to work and store data on it. Administration of the entire configuration is done by the company providing SaaS solution.

Consumer pays monthly rent for use.

Business Benefits - immediately

  • Use of IT resources management, which are used by large companies with significant investments in the IT budget
  • Reduce operating costs and flexibility of their management
  • Centralized management of all corporate resources
  • Improved awareness of the real business situation, accurate data and the ability to adequate business decisions

The value of the overall acquisition (Total Cost of Ownership) is  below the traditional construction of complex IT solutions for business management:

  • Saving investment in hardware and software servers and user licenses for them.
  • Saving investments are highly qualified IT support staff
  • Fast start of actual use and benefits of the technology and management systems of the highest class
  • Increases IT control processes and security
  • Information services to the business in real time, from any location, through authorized internet access.

Deploying SaaS takes 1 to 6 months, depending on the complexity and size of integrated IT solution. Renovation and updating of the used version is performed centrally and company always have the latest version without it costing extra effort or financial resources. The subscription is only for the resources used and the company is able to manage a flexible monthly.

BORA Solutions implemented a joint program with Microsoft, under SPLA - Contract for licensed service provider. Thus we are able to provide the user with:

  • Monthly licensing
  • The latest versions of Microsoft software
  • Free demonstrations, trial software
  • Subscription pay only the type and quantity used products.

Microsoft’ products for use as a service, receiving the necessary base and client software running BORA BS, sized and costed service on your number of users:

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Optional Microsoft Office or other software from Microsoft, on request

BORA Solutions’ products for use as a service - you get the required number of initialized base / and BORA BS, sized and costed  service on your number of users and their specific needs, based on position and role in the company:

ERP package: BORA Business Suite includes:

BORA Business Solution:

  • Office Organization Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Material Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Accounting Management

BORA Human Resources:

  • Staff Organization 
  • Staff  Recruitment and training 
  • Perssonel
  • Reporting labor
  • Payroll

BORA Industry Solution:

  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Shipment Management
  • Customer Services Management
  • Fleet Management

BORA Add on Modules:

  • Fixed Assets
  • DMS-Documen Management System
  • QMS Quality System
  • File Control System
  • CRM Retail System
  • CRM Billing system

BORA Business Intelligence:

  • Analytical business reports. Active analyses

BORA Business To Business:

  • e-Bank statements
  • BORA EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

BORA Mobile Aplications:

  • CRM-Customer Orders
  • HR-Leave

For each company - the service consumer, there  is an individual installation of the server software and ERP system in a defined range on the BORA Solutions’ server.

Ensures obtaining  optimal high-end IT solution at a preferential price. There is an option for a monthly update of the scope, which directly affects the size of the investment.

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