Improve your performance with our IT Services

BORA Solutions builds integrated business management systems, by providing a full range of services in system integration, implementation and maintenance of BORA Business Suite.

We support the optimization of business processes through the implementation of the most optimal solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

  • We execute complex System integration projects as design, supply, installation, setup, management and maintenance of IT infrastructure - servers and workstations. Our systems engineers design your IT systems, investing expertise of many years of experience and emphasizing the most advanced products and technologies.
  • Implementation of the ERP system BORA Business Suite with guaranteed result. Study of business processes, building information model according to your needs, data migration in the ERP system BORA Business Suite, parameters setting, user training and consultation for optimal use.
  • Maintenance and development of ERP system BORA Business Suite, as receiving new versions and modifications of the integrated management system. Securing compensation for a change of normative - legal character. On-line support via remote access over the Internet, in close session and advice user by phone. Exchange of good practices and case studies in customer service site.
  • Provide SaaS Cloud services as an option - a modern generation services, with greater opportunities for small companies. The latest products and technologies available to them, without investing serious budget purchase. Based on service contract -under rent and minimum monthly investment in rent, take advantage of server and ERP system to effectively manage your business. The service is available via the Internet from anywhere and ensure optimization of business processes and benefit from the latest developments of IT products, technologies and management concepts.

Our experienced consultants, invest knowledge, experience and expertise in the design and construction of individual IT solution for your company, providing for your business needs and ensuring optimal results.

To ensure the highest standard in service to our customers we have partner status with Microsoft Corp.- Microsoft Partner-Silver- Application Development Competency and documented quality management system in accordance with International Standard ISO 9001: 2008.