Management Auto - Service and motor vehicles sales

Manage effective and real-time sales and service activities in the ERP system BORA Business Suite! The latest information is the most valuable resource for your managers, traders and auto receptionists - customer data, automobiles, products, services, pricing, promotions, inventory. Powerful tool for analysis and control.

Specialized software systems for companies with sales and service activities. Successful application in:

  • Importers and car dealers
  • Importers and dealers of spare parts
  • Importers and dealers of trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, equipment, spare parts
  • Service centers

BORA Business Suite features within its specialized software systems for companies operating in the field of sales and servicing  motor vehicles. This ensures the processing of specific processes and business practices. Efficient management of business processes and resources, and with guaranteed results.

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The vertical BORA Business Suitesolution for companies working in the field of trade and servicing of motor vehicles, provides an opportunity to:

  • Effective business management from back office.
  • Manage Auto Service from one working place-service, sales, warehouse and finance. If necessary, integrate other systems for complex management of all activities, including accounting.
  • Effective management of chain show rooms, stores and Auto Service centers, central warehouse and headquarters in a single database, combined with data of products, services, customers, price lists, active promotions, policies flyer stocks and more.
  • Management of Service – personal file for each vehicle with history, service contracts, spare parts, operations, stocks and more.
  • Effective management of stocks
  • Improved customer service, with a view to the possibility of collecting, analyzing customer data, implementing a policy for loyal customers
  • Precise planning of supply and management, based on an analysis of stocks in locations / stores and / or shops /
  • Manage inventory in real time - always up to date information on availability. Variety of store modes operations, in line with business needs.
  • Connection with a loyalty card reader policymaking loyalty
  • Easy identification and handling of products - by barcode readers - in store and / or warehouse
  • Planning, conducting and reporting of campaigns
  • Working with insurance companies
  • Wide range of information and opportunity analysis - real-time, user-defined parameters
  • Automatic generation of business documents / integration is possible with a documented quality management system in accordance with international standards of the ISO /
  • Adequate business decisions based on real data
  • Fast commissioning of the new object / workplace in order to work at centralized server.

BORA Solutions offers building solutions for Auto profile business processes - both through purchase and through the use of the system for rent - as a service.

For each client realize individual project, to ensure specific business needs and service specific work places.

BORA Solutions’ experts have built many projects for our clients with business profile in auto services.

Built complete IT infrastructure and services to all company activities through ERP system BORA Business Suite. Among them are: