Manage production efficiently

Effective and real-time manufacturing management! The latest information is the most valuable resource for your manufacturing managers -customer data, production orders, products, services, prices, availability. ERP system BORA Business Suite - powerful tool for planning, management, analysis and control.

Specialized software systems for companies with manufacturing activities.

Successful applicable at:

  • Electrical industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Timber and Furniture Industry
  • Food industry
  • Construction

BORA Business Suite features within its specialized software systems for companies with manufacturing activities. By Industrial solutions ensure processing of specific manufacturing processes and business practices. Achieved a high efficiency degree of management processes and resources, and with guaranteed results.

Learn more about the specialized industrial BORA Business Suite solution for manufacturing companies.

BORA Solutions offers comprehensive building solutions forthis profile production processes - both through purchase and through the use of the system for rent - as a service.

For each client realize individual project, to ensure specific business needs and service specific  work places.

BORA Solutions experts have built many projects for our clients with a manufacturing  profile.


Built complete IT infrastructure and services to all company activities through ERP system BORA Business Suite. Among them are: