Easily manage dispatch and shipment

BORA Shipment operational organizes the processing of customer orders with specification and terms of delivery and organization of the expedition routes, vehicles with accompanying account documents. 


BORA Shipment realized several scenarios for the shipment process.  Leading are the guaranteed stocks: 

  • Packaging: Warehouse transactions, packing and dispatch, 
  • Distribution: preparing orders for shipment, describing the vehicle route, the content of the expedition as a summary of the storage transactions 
  • Expedition: preparation of documents such as transceivers protocols, packing 
  • Estimates: preparation of documents, such as transceivers protocols, packing, deposit sheets and invoices. 

Leading is the route of placement and readiness for repayment of Customer Orders in it: 

  • Distribution: preparing orders for shipment, 
  • Packaging: Analysis of the repayment orders and proposal for Warehouse transactions 
  • Expedition 
  • Estimates. 


BORA Shipment automates obligations by transactions,  Client orders with the operational situation of stocks in warehouses and dispatching with the possibility of observing the physical characteristics of the vehicle and the type of load. 

Multilevel control process, through bar codes, to ensure the objectives. 

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  • Order for expedition  by shipments 
  • Order for shipment by clients and documents 
  • Order for shipment by clients and products 
  • Transceivers protocol to deliver the goods 
  • Expedition by dealers and assortment 
  • Expedition by dealers and products 
  • Expedition by date range 
  • Expedition by Documents and Drivers 
  • Earnings driver for month 
  • Operation of cars for Distribution 
  • Invoice - Part number and range 
  • Invoice - Part number and products 
  • Invoice - Part Number BILLA and assortment
  • Miscellaneous printed forms 
  • Balance inquiry 
  • Products in warehouse 
  • Product’ record inventories 
  • Configurator: Possible Articles of Packages 
  • Active orders and the possibility of repayment
  • Participation of Packages in Products 
  • Customer orders for distribution to Franchisors 
  • Distribution with the possibility of repayment customer orders 
  • Expedition reports: on customers and products, customer and product categories, etc. 
  • Tracking Package 
  • Movement of packaging on products and documents 
  • Movement of packaging deposit on products and documents 
  • Chronological list of payments on deposits
  • Balance of packaging on products and deposits 
  • Calculation of earnings 
  • Shipping and earnings by date and dealers 
  • Earnings of dealers for month 
  • Shipping and earnings in dates and drivers 
  • Earnings driver for month 
  • Analysis of the operation of vehicles on sale
  • Multiple Active Statements 
  • Plan expedition Customer recommendations
  • Data transport by Order shipping 
  • Multiple Active analyzes 
  • Sales and shipment 
  • Cost price
  • Cost of Distribution 
  • Settings and Administration 
  • Nomenclatures 
  • Keeping Scheme Expedition (DSP)
  • Maintenance of Cities and administrative offices 
  • Keeping Routes 
  • Maintaining Dimensions of Distribution 
  • Keeping distribution 
  • Inventory of Shipment details 
  • The ability to delete data