Effective Manufacturing Management 

BORA Manufacturing flexibly manage your production, as resources, capacity, labor costs as creating a plan by manufacturing orders, reports the progress with the shift report. 

Production management is ERP solution оди different practices and organization of production activity for continuous or discrete manufacturing. 

The description of the product is defined as a complex product (BOM), which describes the materials and operations with use levels, duration, qualification of personnel for implementation, plant and equipment to perform the operation. 

Production planning

Production planning as organizational part of the production process is the integration of the system with the retail chain is to summarize the customer orders and compiling such production. 

Production planning includes resource availability of production orders with materials, equipment, personnel, etc. 

Production reporting 

Reporting of production is carried out with documents of type Shift report and may affect the performance of multiple production orders as input and executed operations and formed the execution of production orders. 

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  • Creating documents for production orders. 
  • Specification of materials and operations of production orders. 
  • Technology product record
  • Planned cost of production orders.
  • Strategy for the availability of the materials in production orders. 
  • Statement of the equipment availability for production orders. 
  • Inventory operations and human resources on the specification of production orders. 
  • Provision of production orders, one of the methods for provisioning through stocks, orders or production. 
  • Statements of material availability from Warehouses for production orders. 
  • Analysis of the material availability from Delivery for production orders. 
  • Analysis of the material availability of the production orders by suppliers. 
  • Delivery Schedule for Production Orders
  • Analysis of material availability from documents and production orders. 
  • Inventory tracking in warehouses. 
  • Generating a calendar of working places and machines 
  • Capacity planning of machines and human resources in time and value. 
  • Manufacturing Schedule generation and load.
  • Analysis of the free capacity of the machines and human resources. 
  • Introduction of planned prices for the finished goods. 
  • Introducing tariffs operations earnings. 
  • Daily reports 
  • Individuals’ and teams’ daily reports. 
  • Review of filing products and lots. 
  • Labor report 
  • Summary of earnings by orders and teams. 
  • Earnings on orders, individual and teams daily reports.