Industrial Solutions

Production oriented systems

BORA Industry Solutions (BORA IS) are systems for manufacturing management and realization of specific business practices of business. 

Through the planning of production and operational report, you can control the material and human resources of your company, you can get an operational view of the progress of production, can manage the present and the future. 

  • Projects - BORA Project for project management, is applicable in a wide range of activities, such as organization of business and marketing management, development, construction and repairs, etc., where the leading element is compiling tasks in charge, resources, timed and means to keep records of the execution. 
  • Manufacturing -  BORA Manufacturing as an ERP solution, operational planning the production, based on business and draw up production orders.  Manage material and resource security of the process, routing processes and operations as discrete or continuous production.  Reports on the implementation of orders, materials and labor,  integrated with BORA BS. 
  • Service -  BORA Service, reflects the specific activity in operational service, reception and processing of service orders.  Operational monitoring the material and resource availability and reporting earnings of staff, as the process is finish with a customer invoice and payments.  To decide questions of performance guarantee and planned repairs. 
  • Shipment -  BORA Shipment, following the storage transactions, organized expedition to the customer, consistent with the timing of customer orders, routes and capacity of vehicles.  Accompanied the expedition with the necessary documents for transmission-reception of goods and occurred estimates. 
  • Transportation - BORA Fleet Management is a powerful back office system for vehicles management.  By B2B exchange of route sheets from the GPS systems, refueling and compiles reports consistent with mileage standards of cost, routes and drivers. Maintain schedules for administrative and technical services and remind their implementation. 

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