Enjoy the convenience of Module Salaries 

Salaries module focuses processes, work out case studies from published data – from Personnel and Time management-Form 19 and individual salary. 

Payment statement 

Supported, as accruals and retentions from the personnel information for employment, elements of movement of personnel, published by the processing of Form 19 and dynamically introduced as individual salary or distributed by group work. 

Mandatory retentions are automated, such as packages for social and health insurance depending on the type of employment. 

Voluntary retentions can lead batch with respect to the duration of:  time or quantity. 

The month-end and data preparation for next month, is done in batch mode, high automation of data transfer to the next month. 

The payment statement in BORA HR is a container of accruals and retentions. It is created at initialization of the system and for every new employee, with a predefined set of elements of pay.  Add specific employee accruals and retentions, with relevant policies.  When switching to a new month, the payment statement hereditary, as elements of a temporary nature are dropped. 

Form 19 calculated and published in payment statement the elements, associated with the presence and absence. 

Variable accruals and retentions for month, are published by the lists in batch mode or inserted, updated in interactive mode. 

Sources of accruals by the calculation of individual salary or such group, also published in batch mode or added, updated in interactive mode. 

The calculation of the payment statement is by following algorithms, depending on the system of payment: time rates-establishment wage or salary tariff; time rated - Individual Wage. 

Recapitulative statements 

The clearance of the wages calculation is associated with the preparation of Recapitulative statements in different directions: objects, global and individual accounts, categories of staff. 

The  retentions are directed to different social systems – NSSI, NAI- in the corresponding formats.  Supported formats for non-cash payment to banks, pension funds. 

Prepare a wide range of personal accounts for employee, payroll and payment statements. 

Notification under Art.  62 of the Labour Code to create a register of documents for staff and include: employment contracts, additional agreements and orders for termination of employment. 

Again from the register, of document type Cash benefits shall be prepared file for sickness absence to NSI - can be printed: cover letter and list of documents in Article 3-5, Article 14 of the Regulation preparation of declarations sample 1 and 6, is based on the data in the payment statements of the employees. 


Accounting for the Salaries at BORA HR is done in batch mode with rules, defined in the general accounting mechanism of BORA Business Suite

Generating articles about types of employment contracts: Accruals; Retentions;  Security and health security at the expense of the employer for cost centers and / or employees and options for analytically by: Category of the site;  Elements of remuneration; Categories of staff. 

The Accounting entries are portable for export to other accounting systems by defined templates. Salaries