Human Resources

HR Management 

BORA Human Resources (BORA HR) gives the answers for managing human resources, as a major asset for the company: 

  • How to organize the recruitment, assessment, training and administrative services of the staff? 
  • How to maintain the legal basis for the establishment and salary, with different pay systems, adequate to the current law? 
  • How to maintain work schedules, adequate to the needs of industry and business, according to the norms of labor? 
  • Where, how and who take into account operational work as time and quantity? 
  • How to analyze multifactorial human resources? 
  • How easily can I record to labor NRA and NSSI, banks and pension funds? 
  • What are the newest technologies?  Why do I need to know and comply with them? 

BORA HR is designed for organizations with corporate structure to serve human resources, as: 

  • Defined roles for service at the place of information occurrence in a single process. 
  • Processing of various payment systems; 
  • Automation of calculation procedures in work by following individual schedules. 

BORA HR system is composed of modules and applications, themed for different roles for HR service: 

  • EstablishmentThe Establishment creates internal corporate regulations, adequate to the current legislation, establishment plan - as a key construct for human resources planning, labor standards - such as work schedules, job descriptions and is mainly served by HR Management. 
  • Recruitment and TrainingThe Recruitment is suitable for companies with a dynamic recruitment process. It is adjustable from setting a call till the ranking candidates.  Follow up career is associated with maintenance of the qualification in planning and implementation of training. 
  • Personnel - Using module Personnel gives to the HR employees the opportunity to maintain files of employees with the necessary personnel information, documentary service personnel with maintenance of documents and records.  The Document turnover is organized in frames of BORA DMS, using document templates. 
  • Time Management - quantifying the labor time is reduced to operational input in Form 76 and, together with documents from Personnel are automatically reflected in the Form 19 for fully automatic calculation of working time, night work, overtime, etc.. 
    Form 76 is the basis for automatic calculation of total time reporting for employees such.  Value reporting labor as individual salary is published in the Salaries from BORA IS as an individual or a brigade earnings. 
  • Salaries - BORA HR supports different payment systems: time rates or levels respectively with the establishment or tariff salary or individual salary. 
  • Payroll - recapitulation of salaries is centralized and guide the overall results as well as to personnel, accounting and finance, and state institutions. 
  • Mobile applications - provide services to employees for operational input of leave, review of salary statement. 

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