Supply Chain Management

Manage supplies 

BORA Supply Chain Management (BORA SCM) achieves flexible management and the ability to analyze the acquisition of your assets and their evaluation. 

The presence of current business information for the market is one of the most important conditions in modern business environment.  This is a competitive advantage, providing numerous opportunities for the company.  You have full control over the logistics in your organization, covering the application and delivery process. 


Collecting and maintaining of current information on suppliers is the first phase of the logistics. 

This includes maintaining records of suppliers, product range, pricing policy and delivery terms.  Only after selecting a suitable provider you could proceed to the next phase. 

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  • Automatic update of the data for the supplier in the nomenclature of products. 
  • Provision of customer orders, production orders and projects. 
  • Opportunity to introduce price lists of suppliers. 
  • Inventory purchases. 
  • Inventory of obligations in currencies cost centers and employee suppliers. 
  • Information for the connection of the delivery documents with warehouse documents. 
  • Inventory of price lists.
  • Information for purchases by product category. 
  • Information for purchases by suppliers. 
  •  Rating of suppliers in volumes and regions. 
  •  Rating of suppliers evaluated by price list. 
  • Rating of products by volume, regions and suppliers. 
  • Ranking of products valued at price list. 
  • Information for purchases by accounting categories of products. 
  • Information for purchases by accounting categories of products. 
  • Options schemes expedition ways of packaging and marking, customs characteristics and conditions of delivery. 


Request to supplier.  Initiate the process of buying a product or service, registered in Delivery, accompanied by terms of delivery, payment terms and conditions of service. 

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  • Input of pro-forma invoices, orders to suppliers and other documents. 
  • Securing clients’orders and production orders, as introduced in the program documents and analysis of stocks and materials needed to secure contracts, to generate orders to suppliers for materials needed. 
  • Ability to use the system for controlling, for the approval of request. (See Controlling System) 
  • Automatic creation of invoices for delivery of one or more requests.
  • Automatic creation of invoices for delivery of one or more deliveries (warehouse receipt).
  • Status report of the requests. 
  • Report queries, related to the storage documents. 
  • Query Report to ensure customer orders. 

 Foreign Trade 

Documents of Foreign Trade participate in the overall financial flows and the distribution of the costs of delivery and formation of delivery cost.  Intrastat system applies to the collection of data on intra arrivals or dispatches on the territory of Bulgaria of Community goods which are not subject to the Single Administrative Document.  Intrastat system of BORA BS is developed in accordance with the applicable law. 

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  • Input of Intrastat documents, customs declarations, protocols of self-reports of purchases / sales regime for VAT cash accounting. 
  •  Export invoices for customs purposes in the customs declaration, export Intrastat declarations export protocols of self-reports of invoices for delivery, of export protocols cash accounting VAT. 
  • Logs and monthly returns Intrastat system.  The system allows automatic generation of monthly returns system Intrastat after previously entered settings. 
  • Inventory invoices for customs purposes. 
  • Customs Tariff - here you can enter or edit already entered Customs Tariff. 
  • Setting auto posting context. 


Introduction of invoices for delivery has a direct impact in the preparation of the records of purchase accounting to calculate the delivery cost. 

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  • Introduction of various types of documents for delivery.  Connection / Disconnection with payment documents and warehouse documents. 
  • Ability to import / export invoices from / to external files and systems.
  • Review of cash on products in stores. 
  • Review of VAT for purchases. .
  • Reports for payables to suppliers by date of maturity 
  • Inventory purchases by contractors and months. 
  • Various options for the allocation of costs for supplies. 
  • Setting context posting. 
  • Purchase Order Procesing 
  • Goods Receipt for Delivery Note / Goods Receipt Note 
  • Allocation of costs for items Allocation of Expenses to Items debit / credit notes Debit / Credit Note 
  • Daily purchases Purchase Tax Registers