Manage sales at retail outlets 

BORA Retail System allows you to organize sales in scenarios Point of Sales or Mobile Solution.  Effective management of the store and a chain of retail outlets.

BORA Retail System

BORA Retail System is suitable for outlets with product identification through barcode and identification of the customer by customer card.  Implementation of trade policies, rules for discounts on account of the client, organizing campaigns, etc. It could be modeled as rules to be applicable to distributed structures of retail outlets. 

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  • Navigation of the sales process at one screen. 
  • Two types interfaces- mouse click or touch screen for stationary or mobile work.
  • Client identification card. 
  • Barcode identification of the goods. 
  • The whole process of sale in one transaction: invoicing, preparation of warehouse transactions, drafting of revenue Cash receipts. 
  • Operational reference for current availability. 
  • Daily report of a commercial establishment: Information for sales by product categories. 
  • Daily report of commercial site: Delivery, availability and sales performance. 
  • Warehouse: Trial balance: Short, Quantitative. 
  • Cash book: Analytical cash register. 
  • Setting Sales Methods by Cards (CRT). 
  • Information for wrapping. 

BORA Sales Mobilе

BORA Sales Mobile covers the activities of itinerant trader with opportunities to prepare customer orders, invoicing, receiving information about availability and payment of the remaining BORA BS’ systems.  BORA Sales Mobile is designed with the latest technological means of communication, to use the Tablet, oriented to use services (service-oriented applications), consistent with the design of Windows applications, using touch screen. 

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  • Intuitive interface for tablets with minimum navigation to compile the document.
  • Internet connection with optimized traffic data exchange. 
  • Interface for selecting the products linearly or in a matrix. 
  • Easy copying of recent sales to customers for fast update of quantities in traditional sales.