Control material flows 

BORA Material Management (BORA MM) gives you full control of physical assets as the final stage of logistics in the supply of materials;  service warehouse as inventory;  management of internal storage topology and deployment of materials;  shipment of goods;  balance of material flows. 

Material flows 

Material flows gives the balance of the occurrence of customer orders;  through production and / or formation of Request for delivery to the removal from the warehouse.  Monitor at any time and maintain reserve quantities in the warehouse.  Each storage document associated with operational or business document. 

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  • Ability to create records of unique products. 
  • Categorization of Unique products.
  • Ability to create records in batches. 
  • Categorization of Accounts. 
  • Inventory stock in warehouses. 
  • Statement of movement of goods in the warehouse. 
  • Create unique characteristics of products and batches. 


Warehouse management (Inventory Management) supports transactions storage mode -weighted average, LIFO, FIFO, lot and gives a picture of the balances maintained with accurate cost of the flow of materials, including the reversals.  Inventory module is part of the process for the control of assets in the supply chain, service production and sale to consumers and is a tool for analyzing and reporting on stock ABC analysis, etc. 

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  • Work in various storage objects- weighted average, batch, LIFI, FIFO. 
  • Defining rights for accountable person to work in separate stores 
  • Creation of documents for transactions in stock. 
  • Inventory tracking in the warehouse. 
  • Reversal of documents to automatically maintain the current cost. 
  • Link Stocks documents with other system modules - Clients, Suppliers, Manufacturing, Accounting.
  • Automatic creation of sales invoices from one or several storage expenditure documents. 
  • Automatically create invoices from one or more storage spending documents.
  •  Export to predefined templates in MS WORD - in the form of certificates, transceivers and other documents depending on the needs of the company. 
  • Opportunity to introduce products with bar code product identification, batch, GS1 
  • Ability to control products with barcode proposed documents. 
  • Ability to import from text files. 
  • Ability to print labels with print barcode for stock. 

Inventory in stock 

Module offers different scenarios and techniques of inventory as a partial inventory, inventory using barcode using the data collector in of line mode. 

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  • Inventory of stores of different types - batch weighted average and others. 
  • Launch the process of inventory of the warehouse, it locks and prevents warehouse transactions to completion of the inventory. 
  • Printing an inventory. 
  • Import data from the inventory contained in one or more text file (delimited text format) obtained by the Data Collector or otherwise. 
  • Automatically create documents for shortages and surpluses. 
  • Print inventory differences. 
  • Revaluation of warehouses type weighted average. 
  • Print protocol differences revaluation. 
  • Creating documents revaluation. 
  • Revaluation of separate lots.

Management and monitoring of warehouse 

Management and monitoring of the storage environment and processes for the control of internal movement within the warehouse.  It is connected with the construction of the warehouse topology, as cells and locations with properties and documents deployment movement and dispatch of materials. 

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  • Ability to organize the warehouse with the formation of separate areas and cells. 
  • Direct link of the warehouse transaction management module and monitoring of the warehouse. 
  • Scalability of products obtained in cells. 
  • Opportunity for shipment of products from cells.
  • Possibility of internal movement from cell to cell. 
  • Inventory tracking in cells. 
  • Strategy to deploy products in cells preset logic and performance of products. 
  • Inheritance status of the batch in batch warehouses - blocked with expired or other statuses depending on the needs.