Manage your finances

BORA Financial Management (BORA FM) controls financial flows, allowing you to have current information on receivables and payables. Manage the financial assets at the moment with a single glance on portfolios and compose forecast balance. Maintain high standards of level of financial relationships with customers, suppliers and staff.

Payment obligation

Any debt or claim is associated with operation of a portfolio, the transaction is reflected in the cash flow as payment obligation.

Behavior of the payment obligation is defined by a set of conditions for payment, defined by the user and is the basis for the analysis, forecast and manage cash flow.

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  • Ability to create multiple payment obligations, according to the type of payment basis, currency portfolio, subject to the payment.
  • The ability to connect many payment obligations in one or separate of a payment obligations to several individuals.
  • Cash settlement and payment obligations - allows a quick overview of stocks in the financial objects and proposed expenditure payment obligations.
  • Recalculation of payment obligations on current exchange rates.
  • Daily and an estimated balance of cash flows.
  • Option for automatic notifications by email to customers with overdue receivables.
  • Ability to create basis for monetary operations, depending on their activity: operating, investing or financing and documents for which can be used.
  • Creating the conditions for payment, with the possibility of setting payment schedules, leasing plans, charging interest on overdue payment, etc..

Storage sites of financial resources

BORA FM manages cash flows by keeping portfolio funds: bank account, cash, accountable persons, barter, electronic payment. For each type of portfolio is built specific service interface and functionality for dialogue and exchange of data.

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  • Ability to work with multiple portfolios (financial objects): bank accounts, cashes,  and accountable persons, barter.
  • Easy Connection / Disconnection of payment documents with payment obligations.
  • B2B - connection with Bankservice to automatically receive bank statements in BORA BS.
  • Ability to import bank statements from external systems (specification).
  • Analysis of imported bank statements, to automatically recognize and fill in the data in them, to set criteria and templates.
  • Multiple statements on documents, portfolios and references to other unrelated payment documents with payment obligation. 


Currency is a means of establishing and preserving banking and commercial exchange rates as a common resource of the system.

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  • Ability to add different exchange rates.
  • Possibility of introducing a course: Course BNB, trading rate, Customs rate.
  • Ability to add / edit data for a period of time;

Cash Flows

Open payments and operations portfolios are based on cash flow management at the operational level - the input of the settlement of bank accounts and preparation of payment documents from payment obligations, forecast balance of cash flows in future periods. For corporate structures with multiple legal related parties, maintains total cash balance.

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  • A variety of reports on payment obligations and documents.
  • Statements portfolios
  • Repayment on account books and documents
  • Accountability cash flows by contractors and subjects for payment
  • Schedule - daily balance of cash flows
  • Graphics - the projected balance of cash flows
  • Statements of cash flows:
  • Portfolios with  primary balances
  • Customers / Suppliers and Centers of Incomes / Expenses
  • Receivables / liabilities maturity date
  • Analysis and graphics by cash flows

BORA EDI - Finance

BORA FM supports electronic data exchange of cash flows of bank statements and payments via operators Bankservice and EasyPay.

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  • Import bank statements via secure channel with Bankservice