Customer Relationship Management

Improve customer service 

BORA Customer Relationship Management (BORA CRM) controls the commercial processes, allowing you to maintain high standards of service for your customers. 


BORA CRM structure your business to redefine the rules for the relationships with the customers and implement trade policies as build client’s profile as terms of delivery, payment terms, credit limits, price lists and so on. 


Customer service starts with the creation of customer account with trade policies, the preparation of customer orders, definition of individual commercial terms and specifications in terms of deal. 

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  • Processing documents for transactions, customer orders, offers, proforma invoices and others. 
  • Import / export data to / from external systems and files in different formats. 
  • Processing orders BOM (Bill of Materials) specification. 
  • Provision of customer orders in the supply chain, by generating orders to suppliers, warehouse documents and production documents. 
  • Working with multiple price lists with the inheritance of the redefined for the customer. 
  • Import price lists. 
  • Freight rates of the processing operations. 
  • Tracking stock in warehouses and blocking for active orders. 
  • Report for speed of sales of new products. 
  • Information for active orders with the possibility of expedition. 
  • Adjustable number of conditions for shipment. 
  • Process of handling customer orders to control the phases of development: proposed, active, completed. 
  • Control of the credit limit roles to users for approval. 


The invoice as a transaction document, can be created in different scenarios.  In inheritance of the order may be issued multiple invoices with monitoring the implementation of the transaction. 

The invoice as a transaction document, can be created in different scenarios.  In inheritance of the order may be issued multiple invoices with monitoring the implementation of the transaction. 
Store transaction (dispatch) as a separate fact and document, the invoice allows multiple expeditions related to an invoice.  Another scenario, where the expedition preceded invoice creation process, invoices warehouse documents with predefined automation of trade. 

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  • Processing documents for sale in the transaction chain: inheritance customer order, multiple invoiced for one transaction, multiple expeditions of the invoice, the material balance of the transaction. 
  • Possibility of swaps in expedition of warehouse and material balance. 
  • Import / export data to / from external systems and files. 
  • Preparation of client invoices cost storage documents. 
  • Tracking stock in warehouses and blocking invoiced.
  • Report Eco tax and excise duty on sales. 
  • Report Receivables from clients by due date. 
  • Report for documents blocked amounts in warehouses. 
  • Report for shipped quantities for invoices. 
  • Adjustable print invoices in multiple types of forms. 
  • Setting methods for billing in Billing system.
  • Viewing Sales Tax Register. 
  • Automatic posting of issued sales documents.


The analysis of the business is done in Sales, intended for sales managers.  Processes in customer service allow the initiation of the commercial process to be carried out by three points: operational (invoices), material expedition and payments.  Analyzes allow multilateral track, as a separate transaction and the different sections of sales. 

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  • Inventories with sales sections. 
  • Inventory of realization by currency, clients, centers of revenue and dealers. 
  • Relationship of sales documents with storage documents and material balance.
  • Customer rating in different sections. 
  • Statement of margin for transactions. 
  • Margin transactions in products and cost from price list. 
  • Information for sales by accounting categories of products and customers. 
  • Processing of products register. 

BORA Billing

BORA Billing automates the preparation of estimates by customers in many activities: operation of facilities, equipment, contracts or related objects of the company;  tasks in scenarios of Case Management, Lease or Subscription Services.  By establishing the parameters of the reporting entity or follow multiple automated processes import monthly reporting of operation, invoicing and distribution. 

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  • Opportunity for mass invoicing for sale, based on fixed and variable values on the basis of contracts. 
  • Maintaining a database of products, contracts, facilities with the performance of the price.
  • Import from external systems for Operation of facilities contracted.
  • Preparing the file for sending SMS, notification. 
  • Reports on sales, made by BORA CRM Billing System
  • Active analysis 
  • Keeping billing details
  • Traceability of processes (trace) Batch treatments.


Automatic creation of electronic invoice eFaktura from Bankservice, plus template in .pdf format.  Bilateral relationship with eCommerce sites. 

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  • Import of invoices BORA EDI Invoice format, suitable for connection with e-commerce. 
  • Import of invoices with TXT format 
  • Import of invoices XML format