Business Solutions

General purpose systems

General purpose systems BORA Business Solution (BORA BS), able to cover the entire activity of your company, and include typical activities and processes for service with established practices of ERP systems.

These are: managing your finances, customer relationship and supply chain management of your material assets and the accounting of your company, in a single system. You have information on all events of any object in your company.

  • Documents - BORA Document Management System (BORA DMS) serves the management of correspondence and record keeping, documented quality system according to the ISO.standards
  • Finance - BORA Financial Management (BORA FM) manages financial flows in the company. Operational monitoring of the receivables and liabilities sources and their commitment to financial assets in portfolios.
  • Deliveries - BORA Supply Chain Management (BORA SCM) manages the logistics of the company. Current information about suppliers, delivery, procedures for selecting a supplier, supply chain order, delivery, estimates consistent with terms of delivery, payment, Intrastat.
  • Materials - BORA Material Management (BORA MM) manages material flows as the final stage of logistics; warehouse management; internal movement of materials in the warehouse, dispatch of goods; balance of material flows.
  • Customers - BORA Customer Relationship Management (BORA CRM), supports the traditional CRM processes, customers’ files, current and potential, with the possibility of cataloging contact information, business profile of the client and service policies.
  • Accounting - BORA Accounting Management (BORA AM) reflects business transactions as accounting records in its own fully automated environment. The system has a flexible means of analytical and is a powerful tool for analysis and reporting.
  • Controlling - BORA Controlling is a management tool for process management in controlling and validation of documents: capital and operating costs, correspondence, documents in frame mode of a shaped workflow roles, objectives and rules.


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