Advnaced Information System

Management solution for your business

Do you intend to develop the management of your business to the next level? Or using more professionalism and discipline in your company? Or to have satisfied customers, suppliers, employees and all the elements in your business?

BORA Business Suite is a suite of systems, high-end ERP software, which includes solutions and services for companies of various size and industrie.

  • Business Solutions - BORA Business Solution (BORA BS) manages finance, customer relationship and supply chain management of physical assets and accounting generally valid for any company.
  • Industry Solutions - BORA Industry Solutions (BORA IS) managed continuously and discretely manufactures with several specializations, such as vertical solutions in engineering, services, cars, pharmaceuticals.
  • Human Resources - BORA Human Resources (BORA HR) is a corporate management system of human resources. There are means to automate the processes of service personnel, where the information appeared to facilitate the management of schedules, payroll, recruitment, training and so on.
  • Business Analysis - BORA Business Intelligence (BORA BI) structure, interpret, integrate data for business analysis and reporting for management purposes


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