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Integrated Information System for Corporate Management

BORA Business Suite is an integrated system for management of business, economic activities and accounting. It covers a comprehensive and complete information needs of an organization.

BORA Business Suite is a solution for developed information system with architecture of today's best models for managing relations with clients and suppliers, office organization, operating in an environment of cutting-edge technologies.


BORA Business Suite is designed to operate in an environment of Microsoft Server platform using:

  •  Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio; ActiveX COM Model; Microsoft. NET; N-tier technology; XML.
  • Environment: MS Windows Server; MS SQL Server; MSMQ; MS IIS; MS Exchange Server; MS Office; MS Project


The functional structure of the system defines the technological means to serve the basic material and financial flows of a company. Individual elements provide for specific business activities and jobs.

Business management activities - BORA Business Solution are organized into general purpose systems:  

  • Accounting and Finance Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Office Organization Management 

Personnel servicing is provided by BORA Human Resources system, which is fully integrated with other systems.

Management of Staff

Problem-oriented features are provided by BORA Industry Solutions and are organized in production systems:

  • Project Management
  • Production Management
  • Service Management
Servicing business over the Internet is done by B2C and B2B WEB based solutions called BORA e-Business: 
  • Customer Orders – e-Commerce
  • Service Orders – e-Call Center
  • Cashflow – e-Cash Flow
  • Projects – e-Project
  • Company website

BORA Business Suite
ERP system provides for a complete servicing of the company. Business services are based on the organization's documents and their management as transactions in workflows, and their reflection in accountancy.