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About us


BORA Solutions is a company focused on the information technologies, offering integrated IT solutions and a wide range of products and services for business management.

BORA Solutions:

* Designs and implements complex IT solutions for business management

* Performs projects and solutions based on Microsoft products and technologies

* Develops, implements and maintains software family BORA Business Suite
* Consults coverage and management of all business processes.

* Train business users for IT solutions and IT products

* Accounting services to companies using BORA Business Suite
* Implementation of infrastructure projects and systems administration

* Supply of branded hardware - servers, work stations and more. According to its status as a Dealer of established companies: Microsoft, HP, Samsung, Philips, Sony and many others

* Licensing and delivery of Microsoft's software

* Providing SaaS service - use branded hardware, Microsoft' software and ERP system BORA Business Suite as a service / rental /